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[08 Mar 2035|02:09pm]

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[13 Aug 2017|02:52pm]
who wants to talk ~acheron?

i've got eala ireland -> gaia and atticus atherton -> dike. i'm just going to c/p what i had in an email to keep this simple, and some of the details are subject to change as i work on solidifying personality and history sections, or whatever else influences the apps :3 going to try and make at least one good decision and not waste homework time making this pretty as i am wont to do xD

character concepts )

[17 May 2017|08:27pm]
OKAY. I finally have solid concepts ready (lol, it only took me forever to sit down and do this tho) for ~rebuilds outside of Neville who's continuing over from ~trials. If you want lines with him, he's at ~worthten! But these two don't have many pre-established lines, so let me know if you have any thoughts, or any lines you need filled that you think they could fit! We can discuss :3

Holds open in less than 24 hours, y'all!!

details inside~~ )

[01 May 2017|12:47am]
~trials BoH bingo )

[14 Apr 2017|08:18am]
Stolen from [info]borntorun!
Give me a character or a ship (current cast, but any ship involving those characters, whether active or not), and I'll give you a song I think fits them.

Give me a character (current cast) and I'll give you 1-3 silly or serious ships I have for them and maybe some words about why I love them.

[12 Mar 2017|12:43am]
For all of my icon-maker friends out there, I have a few requests that I would be forever grateful to have filled if anyone's looking for suggestions. :3

First, I need icons of Sarah Hyland from Season 8-ish of Modern Family, or just icons of her with the shorter, blonder hair, or just older than the icons I've been able to find from early Modern Family. Caps are here!

Second, I need icons of Rowan Blanchard from Season 3 of Girl Meets World, or general images from more recently. Screencaps are here!

And third, I need more recent icons of David Mazouz, preferably candid and also from current season of Gotham. Screencaps of the latter are found here!

I would normally just make them myself but my icons don't look right when I make them on my macbook. I don't want to spend my time making icons that eventually end up looking dumb :( SO YES. If anyone has any desire to do any of these, I will love you forever :P:P ♥♥♥

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